Are you fed up with the reflection in the mirror? Fed up of wearing the clothes that fit and not the clothes you really want to wear?


My name is Julie Edwards and I have been running fitness classes in the Wolverhampton area since 1998. We include diet and exercise in 1 session, in which, I’ve helped people lose weight – from as much as 7 stones to 7 pounds. Our classes are welcoming, fun and motivational. If you prefer to come along just to exercise and increase your fitness levels then that’s great too.

I am totally committed to helping you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Whether you have a few pounds or several stones to lose, or just looking to get fitter and healthier we have experience to support, guide and motivate you.


Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and we offer a different variety of classes such as Aerobics, Fitness Pilates and High Intensity Interval Training.

We want you to think about eating for your health and well being and forget about dieting.

By eating good, wholesome and healthy food you will not only lose weight but will feed good both inside and out.


We offer a body composition analysis which tells your weight, BMI, muscle mass and more importantly your body fat percentage.